9 Things You Need To Know About The Path Of Exile 2

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Since GGG announced the news of Path of Exile 2 in 2019, players have been full of expectations for this game. However, due to the impact of COVID-19, the release time of this game has been postponed. The beta version originally scheduled to be released in December 2020 has been postponed to 2022.


Although the release time of Path of Exile 2 has been delayed, this is not entirely a bad thing. Longer development time will make this extension more perfect, so what we should do before it is released is to understand its lore.



Path of Exile 2 Takes Place 20 Years After The First Game


Path of Exile 2 will add a new seven-act story that happens 20 years after the completion of the existing video game. Here's where the video game suits the timeline. Much of the story in Path of Exile 2 focuses on a society trying to pick up the pieces after the tragic near-apocalypse brought about by the initial expatriations in the very first video game.


Path of Exile 2 characters will utilize the very same "class archetypes" as those of the initial game, however, you'll have to develop a brand-new one to play the new tale. Path of Exile 2 characters can select from 19 brand-new Ascendancy Classes that vary from the old ones, which will still be offered in the original Path of Exile project. Fortunately, all your cosmetics will carry over, as all of it exists within a solitary ecosystem.


Path of Exile 2 Is Not A New Game


Path of Exile 2 is defined by designers as someplace between a sequel video game and an enormous development. The "sequel" is not installed as a different game but rather is installed on top of the original Path of Exile.


It will certainly be a cost-free update, despite its large extent, that is still sustained just via cosmetic purchases in-game. It's unique among free-to-play ready its lack of pay-to-win systems. Path of Exile 2 introduces a lot of significant modifications to essential parts of the base game, but it will not introduce any new microtransactions that offset the game's equilibrium.


The Story Is Smaller In Scale


Path of Exile 2 is the tale of a society attempting to reconstruct after the original cast of gamer characters killed every single god around and also utilized their power to murder an also bigger god.


Along with having a story that is primarily independent of the original game, the hazards in Path of Exile 2 or the primary villains are much less grand or world-threatening. Before, simple human expatriations had to emulate a being that is much more powerful than gods and also take a trip with time as well as area.


Path of Exile 2 desires none of that and also has strategies to include a simpler cinema as well as a backdrop. The tale intends to be more personal as well as relatable. It's risk-free to presume that it won't be as big as the dizzyingly compelled apogee of the very first video game where each brand-new being you slay demands to be extra effective than the last until you eventually reach a subtle personification of a great void (the Elder) because nothing else is a lot more effective.


Players Assume The Characters Of A New Exile


As for who the players will certainly be controlling this moment, it's going to be a new face. That's because the exiles that the gamers control in the initial has ascended into godhood and came to be more effective than the abovementioned black hole analog.


Besides, 20 years have passed as well as the initial exile may have extra pushing issues of their own to seek instead of beginning again cleaned on a beach. This development is just for the tale though and won't impact the gameplay since gamers can utilize their old characters for the sequel. The sequel will most likely treat them as new exiles.


It Has 7 Acts


Act Seven is Path of Exile's 7th storyline act, as well as the second act of Part Two. In this act, the exile lands at the busted bridge that was as soon as ruled by Kraityn. Currently, the bridge is house to Yeena, Helena as well as Eramir, that left The Forest Encampment after the gods returned.


While it only has one more act than the expansion in 2017, Path of Exile 2 doesn't stop at just introducing some new items and quests to the game. It will be a true overhaul of the game including graphics updates and new progression systems intended to fix many of the issues of the original game.


Sin And Innocence Might Play An Important Role


Wrong and also Innocence in the initial game were necessary figures in the storyline. They pretty much aided the players to kill Kitava and set Oriath right. It might have been 20 years already but Path of Exile 2 appears to be establishing them up for huge roles.


If you look very closely at the gameplay trailers and streams for Path of Exile 2, you'll see that the user interface, specifically the health and mana globes are held/bordered by Innocence as well as Sin. It could also just be an aesthetic choice but considering how they changed the UI elements to fit the lore updates, Sin and Innocence might just get a part.



Innocence Was Exiled To The End Of The Main Story


Regretfully, Innocence, who's considered as the excellent god whose fans rely on him for moral guidance, is, missing in action. He was banished by the end of the main story as he stated in the epilogue dialog.


That effectively implies he's been inactive or absent as a god for 20 years till Path of Exile 2 occurs, probably a lot more. This triggered a lot of issues for his pantheon and his fans. It's uncertain exactly how he fits into the Path of Exile 2 story or if he's to remains yet a mere UI design.


There Are Branching RPG Dialogue Options


Path of Exile 2 likewise appears to be much more interactive when it concerns its tale. The very first game kind of did this with the outlaw choices but past that, the consequences of selections and also branching paths do not matter a lot.


The sequel aims to introduce a less linear mission structure, likely taking after some of the most modern RPGs today. They will offer branching paths and levels you can access or put off depending on how your whims.


The sequel intends to introduce a much less linear mission framework, likely taking after some of one of the most contemporary RPGs today. They will certainly provide branching paths and also degrees you can access or delay depending on just how your impulses.


It's Set To Release In 2022


If you are looking for a return to classic gameplay with deep progression systems like the hack and slash games of old, pass up Diablo III and give Path of Exile a try before the "sequel" comes out next year. It's well worth the time investment, especially for a free game, and is looking to become ever more popular in the months to come.


Path of Exile 2 will be released in 2022, and now we should continue to work hard in the new league of Path of Exile.

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