Everything You Need To Know About Modifiers In Path Of Exile

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Path of Exile is a complex RPG game with many incomprehensible mechanisms in this game. In this guide, we will introduce you to the modifiers in Path of Exile, and then you can use them better.


What Is The Function Of The Modifier In Path Of Exile?


Modifiers generally change various aspects of the entity they are affecting. Usually, they come in the form of bonuses for items, but they might also affect other things like Strongboxes, Areas, or Monsters. 


A modifier should be seen as an instance of change applied to an entity. Modifiers can apply statistics, buffs, or grant skills to an entity. They are applied directly, under specific conditions, or just in random circumstances.





Implicit - Implicit modifier is the one that's above the line with all of the other modifiers. Those effects can be changed via effects such as corruption and enchanting.


Explicit - Explicit modifiers are below the line that underlines implicit modifier. They come in various forms and can be found in all items besides common ones. 


Prefix - Prefixes determine not only one of the bonuses on an item of Magic type but also the beginning of its name. (For example, Vicious on a Broad Sword will show as Vicious Broad Sword.)


Suffix - Suffixes determine bonus and last part of the Magic item's name. 


Corrupted - Corrupted items have a Prefix that has been altered by the Vaal Orb (currency item). They offer different bonuses than regular mods.


Enchantment - Enchantments have their modifier slot, and therefore they do not affect implicit modifiers. Each Enchantment mod is acquired from the Labirynth.


Implicit Modifiers


Implicit Modifiers can be found on monsters and items. While players cannot control the ones that monsters have Implicit Modifiers on items can be easily changed with the use of various orbs and items.


How To Change The Implicit Modifier On The Device?


The implicit modifiers on equipment can be by altered in various ways:

- Blessed Orb: rerolls the range of the stats found on the implicit modifiers.

- Vaal Orb: Corruption can add or replace an implicit modifier depending on the item type.

- Using a Resonator with a Gilded Fossil will add an Item sells for much more to vendors implicit to the item. This does not overwrite or affect the item’s current implicit modifier.

- Certain Harvest crafting options allows you to set a new implicit modifier on jewels.


Explicit Modifiers


Explicit modifiers can drastically change depending on the item rarity and other modifications. The number of affixes depends on the rarity.

- For Magic items, it is 0 to 1 Prefixes and 0 to 1 Suffixes.

- For Rare items, it is 1 to 3 Prefixes and 1 to 3 Suffixes.

- For Uniques, numbers are not predetermined since they have their modifiers.


Choosing the right modifiers for your equipment might be a very challenging process, and finding the right ones takes not only time but also lots of Poe currency. Make sure to choose what you wear wisely and always try to upgrade your gear with mods that will help your character become stronger.

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