How To Get More Poe Currency In The Path Of Exile League?

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One of the most attractive points in Path of Exile is the league. This game will release a new league every 3 - 4 months. In each Poe League, players need to create a new building and continue to strengthen it. This requires a lot of Poe currency, so in Path of Exile, we need to use various methods to obtain Poe currency. Let’s introduce how to Get Poe currency in the Path of Exile League.


How To Get More Poe Currency In The Path Of Exile League?


Tips For Getting More Poe Currency In The Path Of Exile


Get A Good Loot Filter


When you enter the Path of Exile, you will get a lot of loot, including a lot of low-value items. We can use loot filters to block low-value items in the game so that we can efficiently obtain Poe currency.


Having a strict loot filter can help you quickly filter out high-value loot. Note that strict loot filters are more suitable for high-end players. For these players, low-value items are useless, so they rarely pick up such items. ​On the other hand, most players will instead opt for a happy middle ground that highlights both the super high-end drops, as well as the decent stuff that might be worth your while on the come-up.


Use Vendor Recipes to get Poe currency


The currency gained from Vendor Recipes is a reliable way for Solo-Self-Found (SSF) players to rack up some extra currency for crafting. 


The most useful of these PoE vendor recipes, and the easiest to get reliably, is the Chaos/Regal Orb recipe. By trading in a full gear set of rare boots, gloves, belts, two rings, an amulet, chest, helmet, and either two one-handed weapons or one two-handed weapon, you can get one of the currency items. 


Flip Items


Any gamer familiar with trading can make countless Chaos Orbs in currency by flipping items. This can work in a range of methods, but the most usual method is to purchase products that are underestimated as well as offer them for a greater asking cost. Flipping items can likewise consist of completing Prophecies that give higher-value things or acquiring key fragments to run endgame bosses that drop things infinitely better. This pointer is primarily depending on current league patterns, so watch out for any strange economic situation patterns that can be exploited.


Get Poe Currency In The Path Of Exile Ultimatum League



The ongoing league in Path of Exile is Ultimatum. Here are two methods suitable for this league.




Incursion got some very nice buffs in 3.14, the Omnitecht received substantial decrease buffs and also is currently more likely to go down vials, there are numerous brand-new room buffs as well as most significantly, you can turn your temple right into a scroll as well as market it!


If you focus on creating temple layouts in Glennaich Cairns, you can abuse the atlas passives there and pretty much guarantee a juicy temple at the end of your incursions, no matter how many people do this, the corruption chamber will ALWAYS be in demand as it is simply too powerful, meaning incursion will be great to focus your farming on.


Labyrinth Farming


Eternal Labyrinth is a good way to obtain Poe currency. Labyrinth has undergone some changes in the Ultimatum League, so you can better obtain Poe currency.


Here is a shortlist of helmets and enchants that may be worth a lot of currency in 3.14:

- Indigo, Hubris Circlet – Arcane Cloak Spends an Additional #% of Current Mana

- Elder Hubris Circlet ilvl 86 – 40% Righteous Fire Damage

- Bone Helmet/Elder Bone Helmet ilvl 86+ – Stone Golem/ Carrion Golem/ Raise Spectre’s Deal 40% Increased Damage

- Abyssus, Ezomyte Burgonet – Cyclone/Flicker Strike Deals 40% Increased Damage


Alongside the new enchantment system, GGG has finally put the rare Eternal Labyrinth-specific jewels into the game as actual rewards you can get from Izaro’s chests, these will no doubt be worth a lot of currency if you come across one.

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