How to make High Currencies in Heist PoE 3.14 Ultimatum

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Poe Heist is often underrated by most players and primarily for a good reason. Back when the loot table was still Buffed up, and Harvest was a thing, there wasn't any real reason to do heist maps since the rewards weren't worth the grind. However, following the loot rework and map drops being a bit rough, alongside nerfed endgame rewards, more and more players are looking to heist for consistent drops in Pah of Exile. With the help of deception contracts, you can potentially double your money in Heist missions.

How to make High Currencies in Heist PoE 3.14 Ultimatum


But before we get started, you might want to keep a speed build in handy. To make the most PoE currency from Heist, you're just going to speed run the maps and open harbinger chests, divination card chests, or any other chests. Having a speed/agility/dex-based character will come in extremely handy. The raider class comes with many speed options, so you might want to consider that if you're planning on farming Heists. Now that you're read the minute details, it's time to discuss the actual moneymaking part, so without further ado, let's get started.


The main requirements for running a profitable heist are level 80+ deception contracts, Zana unveils, and a bit of chaos investment. What you'll be doing is buying any deception contracts you get hands-on. Most of them cost around ten chaos but don't fret because you can earn way more than that initial cost.

Since this is PoE 3.14 Ultimatum, the loot table is a bit shaken up, and Farming Heist is only possible when you do a bunch at one go. It's both time-efficient and yields a lot of valuable, letting you easily recover your invested chaos plus more or less 200 orbs.

Also, you won't be needing any crazy powerful characters or gear to pull this. Any basic entry-level character will do perfectly fine, so long as you can do some decent damage. You might also want to add a few movement skill gems or invest in the overall movement just to speed up the entire process.

Rolling Gears on your Rogues
In this step, you’ll have to roll a set of gear for your rogues. You'll be recruiting them during your heist missions, so it is better to have a set of favorable gear that helps with the drops. Now it is not advised to spend a lot of time on rolling geas, but anything respectable.

On Brooches, the preferred stats are:
- The increased rarity of dropped items(best).
- Chances of duplicating basic currencies.
- Chance to duplicate scarabs(optional).
- Increased job speed(optional).

Other gears:
- Anything that deals more damage(optional).
- Increased job speed(best).
- Player movement speed(best).
Once you have the desired rolls, choose the character and start raiding.

How to start farming heists?
Once you have the gear in the palace, choose your contracts, prepare it on of the rogues and start the run. It is advised that you choose Giana because she moves freakishly fast and can zoom through the map in a mapper of seconds.

You might also want to carry a phasing flask in Path of Exile to make the process easier. The goal of the game is breaking chests and looking for loot. Refrain from killing enemies and only hit them if you want to refill the flask.

The main currency while running contracts are stack decks, divination cards, and maybe a thousand rogue markers. If you're lucky, you can also stumble against some enchanted gear. They are not super popular can fetch somewhere between 15-20 chaos orbs.

The runs can last as little as 3-5 minutes. If executed correctly, you can run multiple times within the span of an hour and acquire over 100-200 chaos or more depending on the RNG. once you're satisfied with the loot, book it to the exit. Don’t bother killing enemies. Exit, roll another contract and restart the run.

Due to the short nature of these Heist runs, you’re better off having a bunch in store. Stopping to buy contracts from other players is time-consuming. In case you cannot afford deception contracts, you can always buy PoE currency from websites and use that to obtain contracts from players. These websites are absolutely safe, are super cheap, and save you hours' worth of grinding Heists. Simply visit the site, enter the required information, choose the number of chaos/exalt orbs you want to buy, and complete the transaction. Most of the sites have PoE orbs for sale at all times. Just buy a bunch of contracts and start quickly running within a few minutes.

How to farm Heist Contracts
To start a heist map, go over to the map device and choose the Heist modifier. Now some of you players might deep spending 6 chaos on heist modifiers a waste. After all, you get a set of random stuff. But in reality, you can easily make up for that 6 chaos and more.

To maximize your runs, just make sure you have access to the Lira Arthain Heist nodes. Secret Stash has a +10% chance of spawning a third Smuggler's cache over the 2 additional that you're going to get anyway. The second node, Inside Job makes it so that the Smuggler's Cache has a 100% increased chance of dropping blueprints. Moreover, the Blueprints dropped have a 10% chance to be fully revealed.
Contracts to look out for are Demolition as it draws Delirium items and Delirium orbs which can be pretty expensive in the current market. Lockpicking simply provides raw currency items that can be sold for some cheap chaos. Finally, Deception contracts drop tons of stack decks, divination cards, currency shards(exalt shards), fusings, and jewelers.

Do all the standard amp rolling stuff. Apply a scouring orb, improve the quality with a few Cartographer's chisels, use an alchemy orb, and finally corrupt the map to get better modifiers. Also, before starting a run, make sure you have Sextants enabled. Now you're all set for the heist run, Good Luck!

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