Path Of Exile 3.14 Build Guide: Ultimate 10Million DPS Flicker Strike Raider

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Flicker Strike is, in our modest opinion, one of the most amazing Melee Attacks in Path of Exile. Raider is the most common class to play Flicker Strike, as it offers the most effective Frenzy Charge perks as well as generation from the Ascendancy Passive. Using this building we can quickly clear monsters, which allows our game to end quickly.


Path Of Exile 3.14 Build Guide: Ultimate 10Million DPS Flicker Strike Raider


Pros and Cons



– Flicker Strike plays fast and fun

– Brings an otherwise useless Ascendancy to life

– Can be played on a budget

– Easily kills all content in the game



– Some people get nausea from playing Flicker Strike

– Even though very tanky it has low maximum Life

– Not always able to control movement


Passive Skill Tree


You can find an optimized Path of Building here. If you are not comfortable with Path of Building, we also have a PoePlanner for you. 


Gem Links


Flicker Strike – Main Link (6-Link)


Ice Bite is a super solid choice as you’re gaining a lot out of the Ice Bite is a super solid choice as you're acquiring a lot out of the damage per Frenzy Charge, because you have many of them. Stirred-up Added Cold additionally is an enormously solid scaler of level damage.


– Flicker Strike

– Multistrike Support

– Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks Support

– Awakened Added Cold Damage Support

– Ice Bite Support

– Fortify Support


Highly recommended for map clear though and swapping a gem around isn’t the end of the world. 


Buffs – Vaal Skills


You’re going to be using two Vaal Auras, namely Haste & Ancestral Warchief. Put these down on challenging bosses for a sizeable increase in DPS!


– Vaal Ancestral Warchief

– Increased Duration Support

– Vaal Haste




To run every one of your Auras at the maximum levels, you're going to need to Enlighten Support a minimum of level 2, ideally level 3 or 4. Must you not have this readily available to you, you can go down the levels of Precision while you level one or gather Poe currency to obtain one.


– Precision

– Hatred

– Herald of Ice

– Enlighten Support


Movement Skill


The activity skill of choice for this build is Leap Slam. Because you're scaling many Frenzy Charges and also Attack Speed, Leap Slam truly will feel a whole lot much better than any other competitor.


– Leap Slam

– Blood Magic Support

– Faster Attacks Support


Blood Rage, Curse


– Cast when Damage Taken Support (level 1)

– Frostbite (level 5)

– Blood Rage (level 20/23 quality if possible)


Defenses – Golem


Optionally, you could run an Ice Golem right here for that additional Accuracy as well as Critical Strike Chance, if you can be troubled with re-summoning it whenever it dies.


– Steelskin

– Increased Duration Support

– Summon Ice Golem

– Enduring Cry


If this building cannot meet your requirements, you can look for an excellent building at

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