Path Of Exile 3.14: Excellent Build List

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Your success in Path of Exile depends on whether the buildings you build are strong. There are 7 different characters in Path of Exile, and each character has a different advantage class, which leads to many different constructions in this game. The following are several advantage constructions for each character, which can save you a lot of time in finding advantage constructions.


Here are the 7 characters in Path of Exile:

Marauder Best suited for melee builds
Templar Best suited for spellsword and Mana-focused builds
Witch Best suited for spellcaster and minion builds
Shadow Best suited for damage-over-time and trap/mine builds
Ranger Best suited for projectile-oriented builds
Duelist Best suited for more mechanic-heavy melee builds
Scion Best suited for extremely niche builds that need more passive points




Path of Exile: Marauder


The Warbringer Slaming Serker


Build buffed in 3.14, Vaal GS got a lot of extra damage. Use herald of purity instead of flesh and stone until you get an enlighten setup


Hybrid's Molten Strike Jugg


This was around Delve league(3.4) and seems like it got well received as it is filling a hole for an all-rounder build.


The Warchief


This Build uses the Facebreaker Gloves which means we play UNARMED. 


The Facebreaker Strapped Mitts are one-of-a-kind gloves that offer a huge physical damages increase to your unarmed assaults. Because of them, it is feasible to develop a powerful character that has no weapon and also makes use of just his bare hands!




Path of Exile: Templar


Wallach's Hierophant Freezing Pulse Totems (Preliminary Ultimatum Update)


Generally, there are no significant changes to this build contrasted to 3.13. One of the most impactful nerf is the global nerf to Exposure, however, all elemental damages build remain in the same boat there.


Vatinas' Spiders + HoP Guardian - CI, 70K armor, 1400 ES on the block, millions of DPS


This build is produced to be rather defense-oriented; it has excellent clarity, fantastic survivability, as well a terrific single target.


Our initial resource of damage is the Herald of Purity, which summons four (or 5) minions when we struck or eliminate them, and we use Cyclone to continuously mobilize them. Given that we're incredibly tanky, we can manage to do that all the time without taking any risk.


Archmage Ball Lightning Hierophant



-Amazing clear speed. 

-Awsome single DPS.

-High survivability. 3.6k life with 50% MOM plus arcane cloak absorption. 

-No worry about elemental alignments!

-High sustainability with 2000+ life regeneration per second.

-League start friendly. Very smooth to gear up and not so expensive to reach a very strong level. 

-Be able to use any spell you want!

-Not being a meta slave.



-Long lockdown time due to great spell echo and spell echo. 

-No stun-immunity until you got Skyforth.

-Use many unique gears, so resistance becomes an issue.

-No regen maps are very painful. Less life recovery rate mod is dangerous.




Path of Exile: Witch


Kay's Summoner


There are 5 different builds here! Each build uses different combinations of minions, but they all use a similar passive tree and most gear is the same.


Enki's Arc Witch


With this guide, I want to provide a simple caster build for beginners that is fun and easy to play. Instead of just showcasing a build, this guide is made to be a comprehensive learning experience. There are many in-depth explanations and links to various wiki pages for new players to understand.


ShakCentral's Vortex


This guide is your stop for all things Vortex. Whether you want a character that's great for SSF, a safe boss killer, or a build that lets you learn game mechanics while staying safe and mobile, you'll find what you need inside!




Path of Exile: Shadow


Kami's Life


I wanted to make a complete and detailed build guide, from a near-zero(1-70ex) Life-Based Coc Ice Nova Assassin up to a real DPS or tank Hero (50-1000ex) LL/CI Character.


With this build, it's possible to do all Content. It doesn't matter if it's Delve 1k+, kill Sirus A8 or farm juiced T16 maps.


Battle Trapper 2021


If you're new, es can be tricky knowing when to switch(my guide will help you).


Honestly, having played many other builds, it's hard to find downsides on this one, which is why it became my favorite. (Perhaps needing a Shavs as is the case for all low-life builds)


juju's Best CoC'k Ice Nova Build


First of all, if you are new to CoC Ice Nova check out Kami's guide It is more starter-friendly and has good info! If you are an experienced player and know CoC mechanics you are in right place!




Path of Exile: Ranger


Remi's Toxic Rain Deadeye



Caustic Arrow Raider, DoT Focused


This build features over 6000 life, very high evasion with up to 95% evade chance cap, permanent 55/45% dodge/spell dodge with easy ways to reach 75% cap. It's also immune to all ailments and can run any map mod. Any incoming damage can be easily solved with instant life flasks healing you back to full life. 


Raider Archmage


If you are struggling with the build. Join the discord, there are significantly more resources there including step-by-step gearing from leveling, to endgame gear with over 1,200,000 damage per blade. four configurations are available with comparisons to fit your playstyle as well.




The BLACKMAN endgame farming build


This build is ideal for a league that you will need to survive to combat a complete ultimatum encounter to get even more loot and facing up to 10 bosses simultaneously on the atlas. Can be done as a league starter, can easily run all maps with the uncommon gear you can check it doing conquerors on a reduced budget in the videos.



1h Impale Cyclone Slayer


Updated for 3.14 Ultimatum league. This is an Impale Cyclone build that I made during Legion league that I plan to update consistently throughout the future leagues. It can be played as any Duelist/Marauder ascendancy except for Chieftain and the main focus is to demolish endgame content without spending a fortune. 




Path of Exile: Scion


Ice Dancing Queen - Icestorm/Cyclone/CI


No major changes. Flesh & Stone now reserve 35% mana, less free mana. Vigilant Strike can be used as a cheap source of long-lasting Fortify buff. 



Ultimatum PENANCE/ SPARK Aura Stack


I did all content in-game deathless with this budget, and every kill besides the Feared was deathless. The Feared could have been deathless if you just fixed the chaos resistance, but it shows that the build can be pulled off on an extremely affordable budget of even 20ex without Bottled Faith.



Aura Stacking - now with League & "Full" Unique variant


Super cool build. Very similar to the LL Winter Orb making 100M DPS, you dropped some damage to improve the tackiness, very nice.


The above buildings are very popular in the Path of Exile official forum. Through these guidelines, we can easily complete the construction of an excellent building. This may require some Poe currency items.

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