Path Of Exile: 6 Best Tips About Ranger Class

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There are many character classes in Path of Exile. When we enter the game, we need to choose one of these character classes to create a building. An excellent building is of great help to our game, so we need to choose carefully.


In this game, Ranger is a very good character, she has tremendous proficiency with ranged weapons, but she is as lethal as any man on the battlefield with a sword. Below we will introduce some tips on the construction of Ranger Class.


Path Of Exile: 6 Best Tips About Ranger Class


1. Viper Strike For Dual Wielding


The passive tree feels lackluster for dual-wielding Rangers. While other Ranger builds get three or four areas to shoot for, the double dagger holders get stuck with only one or two. Yet it's important to note that this is not an imbalance.


In fact, it's a potential advantage. The extra passive skills can be used for protection or creatively going into another area of the tree. The Viper Strike ability gem allows both weapons to attack at once, it causes chaos damage, and it poisons targets. These three effects more than account for a few missing passive skills.


2. Balancing Damage Output


After about 200,000 DPS, damage does not matter as high as making it through encounters. Evasion is still the most effective defense, yet after maxing that out and reaching this damage limit, it's a good idea to add a few resistances with support gems and also armor.


3. Increase attack speed


Thankfully, passive bonuses that increase attack speed are put directly into the Ranger's path. Additionally, choose weapons and gear that boost attack speed further. No other class should be able to compete with a Ranger's blinding animations and passing up on these skills is like passing up on the reason to pick the Ranger at all.


4. High damage


Avoiding damage can extend our fighting time, and then we need to increase our attack power. When our building has extremely high damage, we can quickly complete the challenge, which can prevent us from making mistakes in the long game.


So we should choose those weapons and skill gems that can cause a lot of damage in our buildings.


5. Evasion Is The Best Defense


The Ranger is Path of Exile's pure dexterity class, for Ranger, evasion is the best defense. When you have the best movement skills, you can avoid most of the damage by evasion, and then cause damage to the enemy at a long distance. For many top game enthusiasts, evasion is a good defense method.



The 10 Best Movement Skills In The Path Of Exile


6. Pick A Type


There are many types of Ranger to choose from in Path of Exile, but these types do not work well together. So you'd better not choose two types of Ranger to create at the same time, which may cause your building to fail to create.


In Path of Exile, when we learn more about the character classes in this game, we will know that each character is very powerful. We can get some help at, and then we can create a powerful building.

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