Path Of Exile Getting Started Guide: Character Classes, Skills, Gems

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A good initial build in Path of Exile is very important and can help us to play the game more smoothly. Creating an excellent building requires a certain understanding of the building element game, such as Character Classes, skills, gems, etc.


Path Of Exile Getting Started Guide: Character Classes, Skills, Gems


Character Classes


Each class in Path of Exile still fills up a stereotypical duty due to their location in the passive tree and also their core attributes. There are three core attributes in Path of Exile, every one of which should be familiar if you're a skilled ARPG player.


Three Core Attributes
Attribute Color Effect
Strength Red Scales Life and increases melee physical damage
Dexterity Green Grants Accuracy rating and increased Evasion rating
Intelligence Blue Provides Mana and increased maximum Energy Shield—effectively a second life pool that behaves differently


The seven core classes are:


Path of Exile: Character
Class Attribute Starting Stats Suitable to Build
Marauder Strength 32 Strength, 14 Dexterity, 14 Intelligence Best suited for melee builds
Templar Strength/Intelligence 23 Strength. 14 Dex, 23 Intelligence Best suited for spellsword and Mana-focused builds
Witch Intelligence 14 Strength, 14 Dexterity, 32 Intelligence Best suited for spellcaster and minion builds
Shadow Dexterity/Intelligence 14 Strength, 23 Dexterity, 23 Intelligence Best suited for damage-over-time and trap/mine builds
Ranger Dexterity 14 Strength, 32 Dexterity, 14 Intelligence Best suited for projectile-oriented builds
Duelist Strength/Dexterity 23 Strength, 23 Dexterity, 14 Intelligence Best suited for more mechanic-heavy melee builds
Scion Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence 20 Strength, 20 Dexterity, 20 Intelligence Best suited for extremely niche builds that need more passive points


Every class is offered from the beginning omitting Scion, who must be rescued at the end of Act 3 before she ends up being a playable character.


Something to emphasize is there is not a "best" class in Path of Exile. Unlike typically function playing video games or MMORPGs, selecting a class is one of the least crucial choices in Path of Exile, as there are virtually unlimited builds to select from for every class.




Active skills, commonly described as skills, are abilities proactively made use of by gamers and also monsters, unlike passive skills. Active skills are typically acquired by placing an active skill gem into an item socket. Some things also grant active skills through specific item modifiers.


How Do Skills Work?


Skills in Path of Exile are provided by your gear instead of your selected class. Virtually every skill is offered by a Skill Gem, a tiny item that can be socketed into weapons, armor, and particular jewelry. As long as you fulfill the Skill Gem's quality and level requirements, you can equip it.


Note that the shade of your Skill Gem dictates what gem socket it can go into. As an example, a Dexterity-focused Skill Gem that's green can just enter products with a green or white socket. You can watch a thing's sockets by hovering over it with your cursor.


Newly-socketed skills will automatically appear on your skill bar on the bottom right of your screen. If you desire to change an ability's input, click your skill bar and also select the skill you want to be bound to that input.


Passive Skill


The passive skill tree is a huge network of statistics and raw attributes raise for the player's character. All classes make use of the very same tree, however start in various areas. When a character degrees up or completes specific quests, he or she obtains one skill point. A skill point enables the gamer to assign a node on the skill tree, offered that it is currently connected to an allocated node.


Support Gems


This is where most gamers get perplexed. Support Gems are socket-able gems that entirely provide buffs to Skill Gems. These gems support skills; they do not approve skills.


For instance, someone that finds their Fireball spell lacking damages can port in the Combustion Support treasure to enhance its fire and burning damage. Burning did not include a brand-new skill; it sustained Fireball, for this reason why they're called Support Gems.


Gem Links


Gear links are golden lines that link gem sockets together. The instance thing above has six sockets, yet it only has four web links attaching the sockets. Players normally describe this as a "five-link" armor piece because five sockets are linked together.


If you can't tell if a product is linked, socket a Skill Gem and a Support Gem onto a product. If you hover over your Skill Gem, the Support Gem needs to glow. If it doesn't, the product isn't linked.


How do I raise my gem level in Path of Exile?


Gems can go down with quality varying from 5-20% (1-4% only occurs from strongboxes with the quality mod). You can utilize the currency item Gemcutter's Prisms (GCP) to enhance quality by 1% for each GCP you use. Or you can utilize the gem-quality recipe. For that, you need to vendor a level 20 uncorrupted skill gem as well as 1 GCP.


After you have a detailed understanding of the character, skills, and gems in Path of Exile, you can try to build. We can find some construction guides on the Internet, which can help us create a perfect building.

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