Path Of Exile Guide: 9 Tips About Marauder Class

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Marauder is a class in Path of Exile who is good at strength. He is not only good at defense, but also has powerful attacks. This class is a very good choice for new players of Path of Exile. However, though the Marauder focuses mostly on strength and physical skills, this does not mean that he's simple. There appear to be more builds for this class than almost any other in the game. So we need to understand some tips for building this class.


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Path Of Exile Guide: 9 Tips About Marauder Class


Choose Life Or Melee Damage


When your Marauder gets the first skill point, you can choose to give your character more life or melee damage. Here we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


Life and Melee Damage


Choose Proactive Defense Or Passive Defense


Proactive defensive skills help you survive by temporarily improving your damage mitigation, avoidance, or increasing healing received. Proactive defensive skills should be used in anticipation of circumstances where you may have minimized survivability.


Passive defensive skills help you survive by giving you an instant shot of survivability, usually in the form of HP. Passive defensive skills should be used in response to big spikes in damage or if you fall to a dangerous life total.


Use Blood Magic


It happens to every amateur Marauder player; they'll be so close to pulling off the perfect heist. Then, suddenly, their mana will run out during the last half. Marauders have some great spells, but it's no good if they can't cast them.


Blood Magic is a keystone passive skill that allows the character to spend life instead of mana to utilize skills. While this may appear hazardous, think that the Marauder has a substantial swimming pool of life and many methods to leech that health back.


Pile On The Fire Damage


Because spellcasting isn't a strength of the Marauder, it's best to limit the focus to a single element and then go wild with it. Because of the take advantage of the Chieftan Ascendancy, fire is by far the favored option of high-tier gamers.


Choose The Chieftan


When professionals get together and rank the Anscendancies, the Juggernaut and Berserker are constantly towards the bottom. The Juggernaut's damage is just too weak and the Berserker tends to kill himself.


The Chieftan adds a lot to the player's toolbox: warcries, totems, fire damage, life leech, and more. This gives the Marauder some much-needed intricacy in battles that aren't as straightforward as doing damage or taking damage.


Stay Melee


Though it can be tempting to use a bow for physical damage, the passive skills that boost the bow area on the opposite side of the skills that boost physical damage. 


Increase Defensive Skills


Without too much effort, the Marauder will have the most health of any class in the game even when focusing on damage. But if the game were all about stacking raw health, the process would be too simple and Path of Exile would not be one of the looters still successful in 2021.


Use gear statistics to max out spell resistance at 75%. Stack up armor buffs in the passive skill tree. Experts do not advise going out of the way to take any skill that buffs health after getting about 200% in health buffs; a Marauder with full resistances and 3,000 health is easily better than a Marauder with 30,000 health.


Get A Guard Skill


Whether going for a tank or DPS build, it's good to have one guard skill gem. All guard skills share a cooldown - no guard skill can be cast while any others are on cooldown.


If the best guard gem for the Marauder doesn't drop by Act 3, you can obtain it through trading. There are other ways besides active skill gems to get tanky, but do use support gems to beef this one guard gem as much as possible.


Get A Minimum Amount Of Dexterity And Intelligence


Gear and gems require upwards of 100 dexterity and 100 intelligence to use, and that includes some that are useful for the Marauder. So pros recommend getting these secondary statistics up to 100 apiece. After that, it's all strength going forward.


To build a powerful building, in addition to knowing some construction tips, you also need a lot of Poe currency, which can be used to strengthen our equipment and skills.

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