Path Of Exile Guide: Everything You Need To Know About The Eternal Labyrinth

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In Path of Exile, the Labyrinth has 4 levels of difficulty. The greater the difficulty, the better the reward. The Eternal Labyrinth is the most difficult in Path of Exile, so many players choose to enter this labyrinth to obtain Poe currency items. This guide gives you some information you need to know about the Eternal Labyrinth.



How To Enter The Eternal Labyrinth?


After you reach level 60, complete the six different tests on the map, and then pay Dedication to the Goddess in Aspirants’ Plaza to open the Eternal Labyrinth.


Tests to be completed:

- Trial of Piercing Truth

- Test of Swirling Fear

- Test of Crippling Grief

- Test of Burning Rage

- Test of Lingering Pain

- Test of Stinging Doubt


How To Do Labyrinth Properly?


The most effective means to do Lab if you desire a fast run is to always try and stay with the appropriate side of the map. The proper course to Izaro encounters will normally be located by going by doing this, but if you want to search for the chests or keys, they aren't going to show up right here assured. So for a quick run, sticking to the ideal side is excellent. But for the complete run, with all chests opened and all rooms got rid of, it's not mosting likely to be the best.


If you are wanting to do this, you might additionally intend to establish your Pantheon to Soul of Ralakesh (small god) for the decreased bleeding damage, because many traps set off an extremely aggravating bleed which can drive you crazy.


Another thing I suggest for those of you who are doing Life builds is keeping an extra Life flask with you (at least one flask) and have something to remove bleeding. It can be super useful when you want to face tank the traps and keep moving forward even when getting hit by them.


Additional Danger: The Sentinel Traps


The guardian traps appear only in the trials for the eternal labyrinth and in the eternal labyrinth itself.


- Endless Drought (Activation): Removes charges from your flasks

- Endless Hazard (green aura): As soon as you use a movement skill in this aura, you suffer ~ 20% of your life damage several times.

- Endless Pain (green aura with protective shield): While you are in this aura, you receive 50% increased damage.

- Endless Sting (activation): Causes bleeding. You will take more bleeding damage the more you move with this debuff.

- Unending Fire (Activation): Casts a Fire Nova that deals damage to you. Fire damage can ignite you and add damage to you over time.

- Unending Frost (activation): Casts Ice Nova. Frost damage can slow you down.

- Unending Lethargy (purple aura): In this area, you will be able to move and attack/do magic more slowly. See screenshot above, left side.

- Unending Storm (activation): conjures up shock nova, which can also give you a debuff that lets you suffer 20% more damage. 


The Eternal Labyrinth is the most difficult in Path of Exile. If we can complete this labyrinth, then we will get a lot of Poe currency items.

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