Path Of Exile Ultimatum Build Guide: Detonate Dead Necromancer Build

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No matter which league Path of Exile is in, the witch is an advantageous character, and the most popular construction among players is Necromancer. Let's introduce the construction of Detonate Dead Necromancer.


Path Of Exile Ultimatum Build Guide: Detonate Dead Necromancer Build


Pros and Cons



- Strong more boss with amazing clear

- Requires no uniques to function whatsoever

- SSF viable – Leaguestarter viable

- Loads of HP Pool / Block Chance to make for a smooth playstyle



- You don’t use this build until after act 10

- Pretty heavy on buttons to press (2 Button Build + Warcries)


Passive Skill Tree


You can find an optimized Path of Building here. If you are not comfortable with Path of Building, we also have a PoePlanner for you. 


Gem Links


Detonate Dead – Main Link (6-Link)

A Vaal Detonate Dead is more crucial than a corrupted level 21 normal version. Detonate Dead is ridiculous on bosses or hard solitary targets.


- Vaal Detonate Dead

- Awakened Unleash Support

- Awakened Elemental Focus Support

- Awakened Spell Cascade Support

- Awakened Fire Penetration Support

- Energy Leech Support or Inspiration Support (Preference, one is safer, the other is more consistent DPS)


Spawning Corpses with Desecrate

Because you want to Detonate Corpses, you're going to require to spawn them in the first place. This is where Desecrate comes in. It's connected to Arcane Surge to assure the buff's uptime as well as Spell Cascade to develop more corpses.


- Desecrate 

- Spell Cascade Support

- Arcane Surge Support (Level 7 when Desecrate is level 20)


Movement & Utility

You're connecting both Enduring Cry and also Flame Dash to Second Wind. Since this is a potential free socket, you're socketing your Raise Spectre gem right here also. Sadly, you do not have any kind of sockets to provide it sustains, so you could have to re-summon them consistently, yet as long as you do not leave the area they passed away in, recovering them is easily sufficient.


- Enduring Cry

- Second Wind Support

- Flame Dash

- Raise Spectre


Herald & Cast when Damage Taken

As your sole mana scheduling lover, you're running Herald of Ash. While that has no links, you're using this area to 3-Link a high-level Cast when Damage Taken Support. Steelskin and also Tempest Shield offer some additional defenses when we just took a terrifying hit.


- Herald of Ash

- Cast when Damage Taken Support (20)

- Steelskin

- Tempest Shield


Trigger Wand Setup

As you want to obtain all of these buffs automatically cast, you require to socket them in your Trigger Wand. These effectively add a ton of Damage through lowering resistances and also exposing enemies to Fire Damage while granting you Bone Offering, the cornerstone of your build.


- Bone Offering

- Flammability

- Wave of Conviction


Fortify & Combustion

Via casting General's Cry, you're making the summoned minions assault enemies with Vigilant Strike. This gives you strength with The Vigil jewel. As long as you cast this as soon as every 30 secs, you will certainly have permanent Fortify!


- Vigilant Strike

- General's Cry Support


Wherever you are determined to socket this, you can also socket your Armageddon Brand which assists you to proc Elemental Overload in addition to applies Combustion which minimized the enemies Fire Resistance by a considerable portion.


- Armageddon Brand

- Combustion Support


It takes a lot of Poe currency to build a powerful witch character, and it takes a lot of time to get so much currency. If you don't have free time, you can ask for help at



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