Path Of Exile: Why Choose Solo Self-Found?

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After the player enters the Path of Exile, you can choose a multiplayer mode or single-mode. However, many players consider Solo Self-Found the “purest” way to play the game — no trading, more emphasis on crafting, with nothing to distract you from the game itself. 



Why choose Solo Self-Found?


As a solo player, you can just complete in the SSF leagues. In the very early Solo Self Found league, trading was not allowed. In addition, no person regulated the marketplace, no flipping, and also no rate adjustment. You only need to concentrate on the game and compete with various other players.


Besides, there is RNG. If you play the game for more than 12 hours a day, if you drop 3 sacrificial harvests + craft high ES gear + have lucky enchant on the helmet, you will win the game.


So contrasted to D3, Poe appears to be more suitable for solo, you won't lose anything. And also the statement of solo players getting more loot is reasonable, because when you remain in the group, the trouble of the boss will certainly raise, so it is appropriate to play solo.


Pros and Cons



– Entirely different game experience

– No tedious trading

– Encourages picking up items and currencies that are often skipped in trade leagues

– More well-rounded game experience as you are forced to employ many of the game’s systems that trading eliminates

– Currency can be used for crafting a lot more often

– Greater challenge — goes, either way, depending on the player



– Less build diversity or freedom

– Requires greater knowledge to effectively execute

– “Slower” game experience — progress through the end-game takes longer

– No party play

– Greater challenge — goes, either way, depending on the player


Challenges with SSF


The first thing an SSF player needs to realize is they will probably never find the uniques they want for highly specialized builds (PoE has nearly 700 unique items). As such, one must be open to working with “whatever drops”. As mentioned in the introduction, if you want to play something like the Pentagolem build, it’s not going to happen in SSF. 


Need the Poison skill? 

You’ll probably need to create a Shadow to get it. 


Need Chaos Damage? 

It has to drop, and you could get it with your first character, or not see a single one in 100+ hours of gameplay.




SSF is really about building, planning, and exploring all on your own without any outside influence. Creating multiple characters/builds, raising your master levels, exploring the atlas, gathering uniques, and crafting Poe currency. While you can do all of these things while trading, it does have a huge impact to work only with what you’ve got. This causes players to be more thoughtful about their decisions in the game. 

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