Some Tips And Tricks New Poe Players Need To Know

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Path of Exile has become more and more popular in recent years, especially after the release of the two leagues in 2021, many players entered the game at this time. So what tips can help us after we enter this game?


Setting Up Your Game


When you enter the Path of Exile, you may encounter a delay, and the delay is fatal, which may cause your failure. In either case, you can always try the following steps to increase game performance:


> add "--waitforpreload" startup command to your path of exile's shortcut


> edit the production_config.ini file in your Libraries -> My Documents -> My Games -> Path of Exile and increase the value of the texture_quality parameter. 


Download A Loot Filter


Path of Exile Loot


Path of Exile is filled with loot, especially as you increase in degrees and begin doing endgame map material. If you attempt to play without a filter, you're going to spend a lot of time just browsing unlimited garbage - as well as I do indicate countless. Screen after display of stuff that is most likely to bury anything of interest under a tide of garbage, you will not also be able to discover the great stuff under all that noise. So the first thing you need to do is get a loot filter.


You should eventually discover on your own which items are important as well as worth getting, however till after that the loot filter will certainly conceal all the worthless stuff. You need to download as well as move the unpacked loot filter documents to the same area as the production_config. ini documents and after that fill them while in-game. You can access this feature by opening Options -> UI. Then scroll down to the "List of Item Filter", choose your desired filter, and click the "Reload" button.


Buy Some Specific Stash Tabs


Path of Exile is free-to-play. As well as most likely among the very best designs available for it, hinging on mostly cosmetic price and providing players access to all content free of cost. Nevertheless, at this stage in the game, I take into consideration 2 of the optional purchase stash tabs compulsory if you're seeking to enjoy. First, and also one of the most vital, is the currency tab. This will certainly store as well as arrange essentially every little thing relevant you come across in your trip, as well as in my viewpoint the video game isn't usable without this tab - you'll have much too much mess to exist without it. I also take into consideration a map stash tab necessary for organizing your vast collection of maps, but this set is a bit a lot more arguable.


Finally, we need to know that Path of Exile is a game to get loot. Using the above techniques, we can efficiently obtain the loot in the game. In addition, we should first understand the Path of Exile before entering this game, which can help us avoid some mistakes.

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