The Highly Anticipated Path Of Exile 2 Will Be Released In 2022

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Due to the popularity of Covid-19, Path of Exile 2 will not be released until 2022, which disappoints many players. Now we can only put the time in the ongoing leagues, these leagues will accompany us for a long time.


Here is the answer from PC Gamer’s interview with Grinding Gear Games developer Chris Wilson:


I hate to blame COVID for this sort of thing, but it's largely behind the delay. We have had difficulty recruiting from overseas as New Zealand is closed, which has somewhat limited our ability to dynamically expand our content development team. Progress has not been as fast as we would like, so our goal is to focus as much as possible on Path of Exile 2 in 2021 and see what we can do. We will try to do as much as possible to allow us to estimate the possible release date. We should have passed it by the end of the year, ”said Chris Wilson.


What's new in the Path of Exile 2?



One of the most considerable adjustments you'll see building a character in Path of Exile 2 is that gem sockets are currently independent of armor pieces. There was absolutely nothing even more discouraging than obtaining a brand-new, outstanding piece of armor but not being able to utilize it up until you went back to the community as well as rerolled all the gem slots to match what you already had on, as or else you'd be damaging your whole build. These are the kinds of modifications the devs view as a win-win: they make Path of Exile much more instinctive for new gamers without removing any one of the intricacy experts expect.


Path of Exile 2's new weapons additionally appears like a great deal of fun to have fun with, opening up new gameplay designs. We reached to see the spear and also the crossbow in action, and the spear skills felt like specifically my sort of mayhem. Outfitting it offers you an involved strike that drives you right into the thick of things, granting a potent damage boost for a short time. When it ends, you can hit disengage to back out of the threat and also recover up. Thus, you get into a great pace of dance in and out, which seems a lot even more enjoyable than a few of the lot more standard "lawnmower" melee develops that often tend to dominate in ARPGs.


It should be noted that Path of Exile 2 will not be a completely standalone production, but rather very significant addition to the first game, which will introduce many changes to the game mechanics and feature another story campaign.

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