GGG Announced All The Details Of The Path Of Exile Scourge League

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The Path of Exile Scourge League will be released on October 22. Today GGG conducted a live broadcast on Twitter to introduce players to all the details of the upcoming Scourge League.


In the Scourge league, players will receive a device from a mysterious stranger called the Blood Crucible. Having filled it with a sufficient amount of the blood of killed monsters, you will have the opportunity to activate the forge and move to a parallel reality. How much blood you can collect will determine the amount of time you can spend on the other side of the barrier. But keep in mind, the alternate reality environment has a detrimental effect on the hero's health. The longer you stay there, the more damage you will receive. 



The Blood Crucible has other uses as well. Players will be able to place objects in it and absorb corruption from an alternate reality, concentrating it on this object. After killing a sufficient number of enemies, it will be possible to endow equipment with additional Invasion properties. While the former is useful and powerful, the latter can be negative and negatively impact your character.


Also, the developers have added a forge improvement system. Killing demons will bring experience and level up the Blood Crucible. The points obtained for this are spent for pumping the device's passive skill tree, thus opening up new properties and possibilities.


These are not all the innovations in add-on 3.16. Team GGG has reworked the passive skill tree and added a new system called Mastery. Also, a large number of skill gems will appear in the game, which will allow you to create previously unavailable archetypes of characters. The number of regions in the Atlas will be reduced from 8 to 4, and the number of Guardian Stones from 32 to 16. Players will be able to play new, more difficult, versions of high-level content, and expeditions will become part of the main Path of Exile.


In addition, the developers plan to improve flasks, weakening conditions, as well as defensive characteristics of the character and elemental damage over time. Changes in the work of folding auras and curses are being prepared. Guilds will also receive their development. Their storage will be improved, adding all the features of personal chest sections and several new types. Players will see the appearance of a guild hideout, where they can meet with their friends and use the Map Device.


Path of Exile: Scourge will also bring new unique items, divination cards, 5 currencies, and a host of other changes. For example, they will improve the currency drop by grouping it so that fewer actions are required to pick it up.


The release of add-on 3.16 and the start of the Scourge league will take place on October 22 on PC, and on October 28 on Xbox and PlayStation. 

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