Path Of Exile Ultimatum Build Guide: Tankiest Essence Drain Contagion Trickster Build

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There are a variety of buildings in Path of Exile, which is also a point that many players like. In this game, there will be many new buildings in each new league. Let's introduce a building suitable for Path of Exile Ultimatum league.


Path Of Exile Ultimatum Build Guide: Tankiest Essence Drain Contagion Trickster Build


Pros and Cons



- Exceptional map clear

- Very cheap/accessible gear

- Does very potent DPS on bosses while being durable

- Ridiculous single target & clear on relatively limited gear

- Really solid at pushing clear-speed on league starts



- 2-Button build – you need to spam both to clear maps

- Some multimod pieces can be a tad annoying to acquire


Passive Skill Tree


You can view the passive skill tree here.


Gem Links


Essence Drain – Main Link (6-Link)

Essence Drain's base damage scales fairly hard with gem levels! For the Awakened Controlled Destruction, it's a really QoL big upgrade as it includes Cast Speed.


- Essence Drain (ideally level 21)

- Awakened Controlled Destruction Support

- Efficacy Support

- Awakened Swift Affliction Support

- Awakened Void Manipulation Support

- Empower Support (4)


Vaal Blight

Vaal Blight is your solitary target skill whenever the enemy is currently influenced by an Essence Drain DoT. Usage routine Blight when you find intervals to stand beside in charge and channel it.


- Vaal Blight

- Infused Channelling Support

- Efficacy Support

- Awakened Swift Affliction Support



Virus is what spreads your ED DoT when you're running through maps. 


- Contagion

- Arcane Surge Support (8)

- Awakened Increased Area of Effect Support (4)

- Intensify Support


Wither Totems

Because Wither increases the quantity of damage taken by your ED DoT greatly, you're going to take down Wither Totems on any kind of target that's providing you any kind of sort of challenge!


- Wither

- Spell Totem Support

- Multiple Totems Support

- Faster Casting Support



For the mobility spell of choice, we chose Flame Dash, as I feel like it’s the most mobile of the movement skills at our disposal.


- Flame Dash

- Arcane Surge Support (6)

- Faster Casting Support



The Auras you're making use of on this build are Malevolence for damage and Flesh and also Stone for the sick blind aura you obtain from it. Malevolence is obviously there to improve your Damage over Time.


- Malevolence

- Flesh and Stone

- Despair


Finally, we can buy Poe currency at, which can help us strengthen skill gems so that our buildings will become more powerful.

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