Path Of Exile Build Guide: Best Solo Class Builds

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You can use the Solo Self-Found function in Path of Exile to play single-player games. In this mode, you cannot communicate with other players or trade Poe currency. Since you can only use items you find or create, there is less diversity and freedom in building on Solo Self-Found. So we need to be more cautious when we build. Here are a few best solo builds.


Path Of Exile Build Guide: Best Solo Class Builds


Zombies/Skeletons/Spectres Summoner Necromancer


Summoner builds have constantly had their appeal, both as a result of the undead army following you, and as a result of just how strong and dependable they are. Constructing a Necromancer to mobilize a myriad of undead buddies can be fairly fun, as well as Zombies, Skeletons, and Spectres are wonderful choices because they do not call for the otherwise extremely expensive gear that Carrion Golem builds might need. The Necromancer can likewise be integrated into a lot of methods, consisting of Aura-stacking, Minion-stacking, Attribute-stacking, with Minion Instability to let minions die and also take off, you call it.



- It’s a very well-tested build that never fails to be effective

- It doesn’t require particularly expensive or rare gear

- It can be built in a lot of ways so that it’s never boring to play it again


Spellslinger Low Life Volatile Dead/Detonate Dead Necromancer


The damage for this build is exceptionally high, as well as it is a build recognized to be all-powerful and also excellent at bringing you throughout the whole video game. The interactions with the "Corpse Pact" Ascendancy node are amazing right here as a result of the Shock as well as Chill applied to enemies near remains. They are terrific defensively and offensively alike, as the Shocks boost the damages taken by enemies, while Chills reduce them down and also reduce their action speed.



- It is a very strong build that relies on gems, links, and sockets more than it does on gear

- It is viable both at League start or as currency dump, and it will always clear all content

- It is both visually and aurally pleasing to play solo to better appreciate all it does 


Ice Shot Deadeye


This build shatters enemies screens away, and it can give out extraordinary single-target damages to employers. The build is remarkable for beginning a new League as well as it is a lot more incredible when money is disposed of right into it. The build is fairly safe in regards to playstyle, ruining every little thing at a distance, and cooling or freezing enemies to ensure they are either slower or secured down totally. Ice Shot ranges specifically well with extra projectiles, as they make its clear rate also quicker; the same applies for Barrage, as more projectiles imply much more DPS against employers.



- It can take care of all bosses on its thanks to Barrage, which is used exclusively for bosses

- Ice Shot has an AoE component that makes it one of the best (if not the best) bow skills to clear maps with

- Smooth gameplay that doesn’t require many buttons to be pressed


Storm Brand Inquisitor


It is a powerful build that encompasses several defensive layers as well as features a great tool in the form of Brand Recall. The remodeled Inquisitor's perks are likewise flawlessly woven right into the build. They allow for a diverse playstyle as well as grant the build a distinct taste. These things integrated with the hectic gameplay that normally includes playing Storm Brand make the build a treasure to be valued.



- It doesn’t require a lot of investment to shine, and it doesn’t benefit much from playing with other people

- It’s a fast build with awesome defenses and high survivability

- Storm Brand paired with Brand Recall makes mobility a great asset, rather than an issue


Oro’s Flicker Strike Raider


Flicker Strike is one of those skills that guarantee an experience before anything else. It is a fast skill that teleports you across the display, leaping from one adversary into one more. An additional notable interaction here is with Oro's Sacrifice, a Unique Two-Handed Sword, that deals terrific quantities of Fire Damage as well as creates a Frenzy Charge each time an enemy is sparked. This construct is overall very fun, and it is excellent for farming currency solo.



- According to the guide, it can easily and reliably let you farm around 500 Chaos Orbs per hour

- It is a very fast build that excels at being the sole source of damage

- It can face-tank most enemies without giving up precious DPS


Impale Cyclone Slayer


Cyclone, the evergreen gem that is always excellent at anything in Path of Exile. It is a mobile skill that lets you deal damages to opponents while moving, and the Slayer makes it awesome in terms of AoE while also boosting the damage capacity of Impale. Impale is a detrimental impact used onto opponents, dealing 10% of the damage of the initial hit when the impaled opponent is struck once again. The Slayer also grants much-needed base Critical Rating to the weapons made use of with this development, making Cyclone struck tougher and also, consequently, making Impale deal a lot more damage. It's a greatly reliable development that can move with the game at your own pace while continuing to be constant in being very mobile.



- It is very fast and can accomplish a lot since early game

- It can be a consistent build when trying to farm currency on your own

- It completely shreds the whole content to pieces


Elemental Hit Slayer


Much like the Necromancer, the Slayer is just one of those incredibly versatile Ascendancy classes that can be played with practically any skill. The Slayer was thought to be used with melee weapons, however, this build modification that by taking advantage of the Slayer's rewards to enhance the damage and gameplay for a ranged skill-- specifically, Elemental Hit. Important Hit is thought about to be a great skill when it involves possible damage dealt. It is a skill that deals elemental damage randomly chose in between Fire, Cold, and Lightning. However, there are Unique Jewels that alter this, enabling the build to dependably as well as regularly select Fire as the destructive element. This is especially powerful when incorporated with Avatar of Fire, a Keystone that transforms all damage into Fire.



- It delivers lethal shots from a distance, keeping your character kind of safe from harm

- It clears maps very fast, allowing for great farming capabilities

- It destroys bosses and can tackle the end-game content easily and effectively


Having a fixed and powerful starting point for your build is the most important part of enjoying Solo Self-Found. You want your build to be strong enough out of the gate that you are enjoying farming the content, clearing maps, and progressing deeper into the end game. 

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